Activating your new Ultra Mobile wireless plan In just a few easy stepsOnly Two step process.

Activating your new Ultra Mobile wireless plan In just a few easy steps, you can activate your Ultra Mobile service online, in-store or even by text if you’re getting a new phone number. 01 Select plan and receive 3-in-1 SIM kit Our SIM kit includes Nano, Micro, and Standard sizes to fit any device you have. 02 Activate Ultra Mobile SIM card Follow the directions included in your SIM kit to activate, then decide whether to keep your number or get a new one. 03 Enjoy Insert your Ultramobile SIM and enjoy your service! Keep your number, or get a new one Whichever you choose, it’s unlimited data best plan Ultra-easy to do both. Transfer your current number Transferring your number onto Ultra is easy. Just be sure to call your current wireless carrier and confirm the following information before you activate: Account Number Account PIN or Transfer PIN Billing Zip NOTE: Keep your current service active until you activate your Ultra SIM. Get a new phone number If you choose to get a new number during ultra mobile activation, simply enter your zip code, choose your language preference, choose “Activate A New Number,” and follow the prompt. It’s that easy.
2. Press SEND and wait for confirmation. .

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